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Animal farm compare and contrast essay

Rhetoric and Civic Life Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Introduce an article from the New York Times entitled “Is This the Nastiest Case Study Analysis and Findings: Joel Rifkin - Exquisite Ever?” written by Peter Manseau Purpose: To persuade the audience that animal farm compare and contrast essay election is no worse in Writing The Rhetorical Analysis Assignment - cram.com of “dirty campaigning” than any other election in history. Audience: Readers of the New York Times, specifically Americans interested in the upcoming election. Context: Several weeks from the election. Thesis: Peter Manseau of the New York Times employs the use of rhetorical strategies such as ethos and logos in order to persuade the audience that the smear campaigning for the upcoming election is not worse than any other election in history. Logos Explain that Manseau makes one blanket claim, followed by claims in support of the major purpose of the article. He uses the technique of juxtaposition and looking for parallels and comparisons to do support his claims. Claim 1: Express Essay: Apa format college papers for sale easy as bad as this election may seem, it is hardly original in its biliousness” Manseau is claiming that this election may be bad, but it animal farm compare and contrast essay not the first of its kind. Claim 1a: Manseau questions the reader while implicitly making the claim that faith has become too much of a topic in the 2012 election. Evidence 1a: Manseau uses an example from the 1796 and 1800 elections in order to support this claim. Claim 1b: Manseau makes the claim examples of character analysis essays middle school Jefferson v. Adams may be the first time the race card was played Evidence 1b: He provides an example and uses a quote to strengthen the example, that of which is filled with pejorative language that supports Claim 1. Claim 1c: Manseau claims that suspicions of the foreign and ethnic have been going on throughout the history of elections. He uses great word choice in this claim. Evidence 1c: He doesn’t mention the parallel with today’s election (Obama’s Birth Certificate) and expects the reader to connect the two themselves. Claim 1d: The author claims that this election is also not the first to play politics with animal farm compare and contrast essay loss of American lives. Evidence 1d: Instead of first using past examples, the author first cites the current election to provide a Cleopatra homework help – Perpetual Motion Machine in his argument, then compares with a past example. He uses another quote as well as a picture to provide an aid to the audience so they do not have to rely on just a description. He wraps up the previous evidence with a clean transition into Claim 1e: He claims that the morality as well as sex lives of candidates have been a common front in the battle for presidency. Evidence 1e: He uses examples before and after making the claim. Anticipating Objection: “Before we count our blessings that we are now far removed from a time when the dead children of politicians were considered fair game…” Manseau uses quotes from a professor that says that this election has by volume the most negative ads. Claim 2: Manseau claims that smear campaigning does not always have negative effects on its victims Evidence 2: He diverges from the original argument to explain failed attempts of smear campaigns. Conclusion: Rather than continuing his original argument, Manseau broadens his scope Research Paper On Frankenstein: Creating A Thesis Statement the concept of smear campaigns. Ethos Manseau is writing for the New York Times, a highly credible news source The title is an immediate invitation for the reader to think about the subject and follow the author’s train of thought throughout the piece. The author’s knowledge of history makes him Writing Essay: Buy essays online yahoo answers top to the audience as a credible source of information Manseau establishes a balance, not fighting too hard for his argument, animal farm compare and contrast essay being rational in his comparisons. He uses quotes from an author of presidential biographies as well as a professor of political science. He animal farm compare and contrast essay “we” and “us” to portray a shared experience with the audience. 3. Conclusion: Restate thesis, explain effectiveness of rhetoric in this editorial. My biggest concern is that I have not identified the author’s use of pathos, but as this is a rough outline, I believe I have time to work on that. 1. Identify the writer’s main claim about the rhetoric of the piece. The main claim is that Manseau uses logos in his editorial to convince the reader that this year’s Presidential election is no more “dirty” or any worse than past elections. 2. Identify and comment on the writer’s introduction of a context (rhetorical what is a non thesis masters degree for this piece of rhetoric. Name one thing that might be added, deleted, changed, and/or moved. The outline The Writing Process that the analysis will include details of the audience and context. It would probably be a good idea to also research the writer, Peter Manseau. Who is he? Why does he have the authority to make these claims? Also maybe take time to explain what aspects of the election people are considering to be “dirty politics.” Why does Manseau feel he needs to make this argument? 3. Find a strong analytical topic sentence and a weak one. Explain why you animal farm compare and contrast essay identified them as such. The first claim, that this election is not “original in its biliosness” is the strongest based on this outline. This is mostly because you have extensive subclaims to support it. This strengthens compare and contrast walmart and target essay argument and animal farm compare and contrast essay the point by offering several examples fromt the editorial. As there are only two claims, by default the second would be animal farm compare and contrast essay weaker one. In comparison to the first, it seems like you don’t have quite as much support for it, but I think that’s more the nature of your organization than a flaw. I also don’t quite understand what you’re trying to accomplish with claim 2. Is this election not so bad Dissertation Archive - buyworkwritingessay.org smear campaigining isn’t really that bad? 4. Comment on the organization of the piece. What other possible arrangement strategies might make more of the material and develop arguments more fully? The organization of claim, subclaim and evidence (matching with claim, data, warrant) is very effective and makes it easy to follow the argument that you’re building. Make sure when you write the actual paper to focus on warranting and connecting the evidence you’re taking from the paper to the claims you’re making. 5. You wanted to read more about…. It seems like you have all of your ideas in place and well organized. I imagine that the paper will be cohesive thanks to your outline, and you cover excellent points. Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331