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Thesis statement for a paper with multiple topics

Hummingbird Educational Resources Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Paper plate pilgrims. We made Native American headdresses. We used bingo daubers and stamps to make our ABCD pattern. We used died pasta and patterned a necklace. Wearing our pilgrim caps and hats. Here we are playing another Native American game. Program bottle caps with Native American signs. Children spill bottle caps out of basket and count the number of caps face up. They take the corresponding number of sticks to keep score. PILGRIM BONNETS Following submitted by Kris We use white paper bags, like lunch bags or bakery bags. The teacher Dissertation Service Uk Marketing - buywritebestessay.org the bag to about 6 inches long and also cuts off one whole side. Next we fold the end what is a customer profile in a business plan several times and hole punch about case study design 2 inches on the fold. The girl then laces yarn thru the holes, leaving enough on each side as this is tied under the girls chin when she wears it. Finally the teacher cuts paper doily's in half and the girl glues the doily so X Term Paper Buy sociology essays and get without one hour "lace" shows from under the fold. (gluing also secures the yarn so it won't slip later) (The Free Cool Powerpoint Templates bottom is at the back of the girl's head, the bag sides are by her ears, the other side is the top. Lacing goes over the top and down the sides) PILGRIM HATS We are doing this differently this year. Take 2 full sized sheets of newspaper for Home - HomeWorkoutSource hat and crisscross them. Put newspaper on boy's head and wrap masking tape around the outside where the hat band would go. After that, trim the "brim" to the correct size (we are also adding paper cut into large "O's" to reinforce the brim and gluing this on). After glue is dry, boy can paint the hat black and add a foil buckle. (This style of hat can also be used for Easter bonnets, cowboy hats, etc.) DRESS UP Submitted by Evaluating a College Writing Sample RUBRIC I used the two books mentioned to talk about the Pilgrim's lives and then we dress up as Pilgrims for our feast. ( the other 5 Ks in my building do Indians so we are the only Pilgrims). Anyway we buy Research Papers: Mca assignment large writing staff! handle tie white trash bags (the ones that are threaded with a yellow piece of plastic) and cut them in half for the white aprons. Then we make little white hats for the girls by folding white paper and stapling it and lacing around it with yarn and leaving enough to tie under their thesis statement for a paper with multiple topics. Then I got this great idea from one someone on the net to use folded newspapers (5 or 6 layers) and holding it on the boy's heads, push it down to form the crown of the hat and wrap with masking Online Accounting Tutors | Accounting Homework Help for the hatband. then the rest of the paper sticks out like to brim. Then they paint them black. They were such a hit. Everyone remarked how adorable they were. Then the girls do cross-stitch by tracing the Xs with crayon and the boys weave rope by braiding 3 strands of yarn. Then I let then switch jobs and talk about how boys and girls had different roles and jobs in Pilgrim days. The Pilgrim boy's hats were such a hit that this year I am going to let the whole class make them and ecu assignment cover sheet them for "H" week. We are going to add plastic flowers or feathers, etc. Title: Little Pilgrim Submitted Help with photography institute assignment 1 - owjn.org Peg Paper Writing and Paper Reviewing - EECS at UC Berkeley brave little Pilgrim went looking for a bear Online math help for students looked in the woods, he looked everywhere The brave little Student Questions - disney branding dissertation .olease found a big brown bear. He ran like a rabbit! Oh, what a scare! Five Little Pilgrims Five little pilgrims on Thanksgiving Day The first one said, "I'll have cake if I may." The second one said, "I'll have turkey, roasted." The third one said, 'I"ll have chestnuts, toasted." The fourth one said, "I'll have pumpkin pie." The fifth one said, "Mmmm, cranberries I spy." But before they ate any turkey or dressing, All the pilgrims said a Thanksgiving blessing. Thansgiving How to Write a Letter of Recommendation: 14 Steps (with Alaskans Native and Native American Submit6ted by Artetta Make a Paper for fountain pen writing Pole from a paper towel tube or Pringles can. Alaskans Native and other Native American make totem poles. Traditionally, each Totem Pole tells the story of a Native American family's ancestral spirits and family history (pictured in human and animal form). They depict the spirits as people, mythical beasts, and wildlife treasured by the Tribe. These huge, wooden poles often show the bald eagle, grizzly bear, moose, beaver, otter, mountain goat, wolf, whale, porpoise, seal, sea lion, and salmon. Paper towel roll or Research paper about english proficiency in the philippines can (1 per child) Brown construction paper Brown paint Glue Pre cut circles multicultural (1 how to write a essay about my family per family member who lives at home small) Hot glue, Popsicles sticks, or a rock Children make faces on pre cut circles multicultural. Glue faces on construction (Fold construction so child glue the faces going down) paper. Unfold construction paper wrap and glue faces around the Paper towel roll. Cut 2 wings out of brown craft foam or (construction paper) glue on the back of roll so that the wings stick out from the sides. Glue a picture of the child on top of the Paper towel roll. I also send home slips of paper so every time some one do a good deed they write their name on slip in put inside the totem pole. this work better if you use Pringles can. Also put a rock in side to keep stable Hot glue 2 Popsicles stick on the bottom of the paper towel roll. this way will make it a 2 day project Paint can/ or roll let dry. Children make faces pre cut circles multicultural. Glue faces going down a strip of brown construction paper. Glue strip to roll or can. PRESCHOOL POW WOW Submitted by Sherri This preschool version Phd Thesis In Management Human Resources a Native American village is sure to be a hit. Tape a large tagboard cone to the top of a round table; then cover both items with a sheet to resemble a tepee. Inside the tepee place beads and laces for stringing necklaces. Provide craft feathers, construction paper strips and tape for making headdresses. "Light" a Creative writing | CCE University of Sydney by arranging rocks (or crumpled pieces of dark colored paper) in a circle; then tuck red and orange tissue paper into the center to resemble flames. Be sure to include a drum and some bean shakers for the children to use as they chant Summer Holiday Homework Help - Get Your Summer dance. If desired, obtain some real animal skins for your tribe to examine. Look, over there. It's Little Running Bear! INDIAN GAMES AND CRAFTS Corn Cob Darts played by Chippewa's Student Questions - disney branding dissertation .olease an ear of corn and then scrape off the kernels. (Do not cook the ears). In the blunt end of the corn, poke four holes in the shape of a square. Into each hole, put a drop of glue and then stick a feather in each hole. When it has dried, children take turns throwing the dart towards a target (traditional bull's eye target) which is laying flat on the floor. A scorekeeper near the target watches and keeps score. Guessing Game. this game was a time-passer among Plains Tribes. They used sticks for this, but I think I would use simple straws. Take 8 straws and and in the center of each color or tape a piece Masters In Thesis Question - buyworkpaperessayw.rocks bright electrical tape around the middle for maybe a couple of inches. Do this on all 8 straws. On the ends of 1 straw, wrap the tape or paint the ends about an inch towards the center. Now to play: 2 kids are a team and use only 8 straws. Each child holds 4 straws using both hands so that the ends of Dissertation On Law - buywriteonlineessay.com straws are covered and they are holding them horizontally. A second team of 2 kids tries and guesses in which bundle the straw with the taped ends is located. Score points according to Quality Papers: Thesis support essay top service! guesses. Bowl Game. played by nearly every tribe in the country One player holds a small wooden bowl or woven basket. In the bowl are 6 peach or plum pits. These pits have been spray-painted or tempera painted on one side only. The player tosses the pits into the air using the basket as the catapult and then catches them as they fall. The player counts how many pits in the basket have landed "colored side up". NATIVE AMERICANS THEME Indian Leather Painting need: brown paper bag-any size newspaper for drying on. 1)Soak the bag in water. 2)Carefully cut/tear open into one flat piece. 3)Crush the bag into a tight ball to wring out water. 4)Carefully smooth out the bag and let dry on newspaper. 5)Color figures and geometric designs on Heres How Much Homework Teens Need to Be Better at Math bag. 6)Fringe the edges to look realistic. 7)Extra: paint over the crayon with thinned brown paint. 8)Older Kids: use dried creation to make Indian forms: teepees, headbands, etc. Another idea Thesis statement for a paper with multiple topics a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll and cut it with scissors down the side so you can lay the cardboard flat. Make a few small tears along the sides. Soak the cardboard in water, then place it outside flat to dry. When dry, you draw on it with markers. It turns out best if you make pros and cons of electoral college votes little drawings How do I actually write the name of the article and plants or something on Online Essays: Top sites for homework help verified degrees!, and one big drawing like a bird or something on it. Your finished product will look like old leather (wrinkled and torn a little) that was decorated a long time ago. I hope. Cucumber Canoes you'll need: cucumbers carrot kansas state university international admissions fat yogurt/ dip ( or regular "fat" is fine too) tomato radishes lemon juice. Wash and peel cuc's. Cut in half lenghtwise. Hollow out the pulp from each half. Wash the other veggies. Peel carrot, and trim greens from the response paper outline. Chop the tomato, carrot, and radishes on a cutting board --as finely as possible. Mix the chopped veggies with the yogurt add Essays on african american writers 1920s with online help little lemon juice and mix-- spoon the mixture into the canoe and away u go I used the extra veggies to dip into the mixture also good w/ chips/crackers. Mush add to a pot of salted boiling water, enough cornmeal to thicken and this should cook until meal is thourghly done and mushy. Serve with milk what is a non thesis masters degree butter. Or may be sliced and fried when cold. Indians ate this alot, they also ate it with meat. Indian matching designs-- make Indian symbols on tongue depressors, two of each kind. The children can play a matching game with them. Nature's Paint Box Paint using natures paint - you need - salt vinegar measuring cup and spoons strainer bowls spoon small jars To Do - 1. Put 1/2 cup of berries in the strainer. Hold the strainer over a bowl. Press out all the juice with the back of a spoon. Is the layout of sections in a bookstore random or is. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar to the if i could turn back the hands of time essay juice. Mix Well. 3. Repeat with different kinds of berries to make different colored paints. 4. Store the paints in small jars with lids. Fruit | Homework Help | Assignment Help | Flowers Fruits - to make brushed try -- feathers, ferns, hay, pine branches and twigs. Hopi Rattles Materials - paper plates makers craft sticks (for handles) masking tape rice stapler glue decorative materials such as feathers, ribbon, raffia or crepe paper. Steps - 1. Decorate the BACKS of two paper plates. 2. Tape the sticks Homework: An Unnecessary Evil? | Psychology Today the right side of one plate to form the handle. Place a large handful of rice on the plate. Fit the other plate exactly on top and tape around the outer edge so that no Help with gcse french coursework - group.mhalmanagroup.com leaks out. Put extra tape around the place where the handle sticks out. 3. Add decorations to the stick and to the edges of the rattle that will flutter as the rattle is shaken. After the instruments are made, invite the children to work together to make up their own dances and creative movements. Some children could provide rhymic beats while others dance. Or you How are street address numbers assigned? [Archive do lead- and - repeat patterns. Snake Stick Game Object - to accumulate the highest score. Complete my assignment. Professional Academic Help Online. number can play. Supplies - 3 flat sticks (i.e. tongue depressors) markers. Preparation - Make a snake design on one side of two sticks Make dots on one side of the third stick to stand for a child. Scoring - (note with my younger children we did not need all this because we did not "keep score" - we just used it for "counting") 1. Hold all three sticks in one hand Toss them into air and let them fall, like pick-up sticks. 2. Score - according to how the sticks land: 3 blank sides or 3 painted sides = 5 points 2 blanks + importance of electricity essay snake = 7 points 1 blank + 1 snake + 1 child = 0 points 3. play for 10 min and the player with the highest score wins. Zuni Rain Birds The Zuni live My First Day in College Essay Example for Free New Mexico. A design that they use is called the rain bird. They are made out of Triangle shapes. To Careers with Interim HealthCare - 1. draw your shapes on a I Do My Girlfriends Homework - buyworktopessay.org and let the children cut out the shapes (I have the pattern but it is really just 4 different triangle shapes) 2. Paste them onto a colored paper 3. Add details to your birds. Question to ask - why do you think rain is so important to the Zuni? Make Native American Ceremonial masks Using paper plates and popsicle sticks. Make a sun out of the paper plate--Not a regular sun but with long rectangles coming off the plate- maybe make it wild colors instead of just yellow. Analytical Essay: Smart Guide for Students to Create a one with a lightning bolt all the way down the the middle of the mask- NATIVE AMERICAN THEMED UNIT IDEAS The Indian people give their children names that have special meanings. (Running Bear, Morning Star) Give the children Indian names that has special meaning to them. Use these names in the classroom. Explain to the children that the Indians used a different kind of writing than help with photography coursework use. Some of the Indians used small pictures in their writing. Draw some examples. Maybe they can use these symbols on art projects,like headdresses, blankets, tom-toms, or Avoid Plagiarism with Turnitin Assignments this song about the teepee. (use the tune of The Farmer in the Dell) A teepee is my home. Of deer skins it is made. A place on top where smoke can go, It stands in forest shade. The river runs nearby and there is my canoe. I paddle up and down the stream, beneath a sky of blue. Make cornbread. Tell them the Indians would grind the corn to make it. You could show them how to grind corn if you wish. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book Through Indian Eyes, The Native Experience in Books for Children (edited by Beverly Slapin and Doris Seale). Make necklaces using various materials. Cut up different colored Homework Help Moon - buyworkwriteessayw.rocks & let the children string them onto yarn.You can use bobby pins as needles.If you use curling ribbon, you won't need a needle. Make medallions. Last year we used plastic Advanced Critical Thinking Skills - amazon.com Whip" type container Characteristic of system - Answers.com. The children glue birdseed and colored rice to inside of lid then we attach a string. One year, I cut shapes with pinking shears (butterfly, cloud, fish, etc) from black posterboard and had the children glue the seeds and rice onto the shape, then attached the cord. We did a Native Americans theme last year. My favorite craft project was making totem poles. First we talked to the kids about totems and what they mean to Native American people. Students Help: Comic strip assignment only trust sources! live good thesis statement for friday night lights by a reservation so we had a man come by who was a chief. To make the totem poles,we used toilet paper rolls, cut in half and each child got 5 halves to decorate. When they were done, we glued them together stuffing them with scrap paper. For decorating them, we used felt scraps, tissue paper, glitter, buttons, feathers, and alot of other scrap items. When the kids were done with their totem poles, they talked about each section and why they liked it or what it meant to them. Games --Native American matching designs--make Native American symbols on craft sticks, two of google latitude and longitude kind. The children can play a matching game with them. Food --Indian frybread--Large bowl, mix 4 cups of flour, 3 tablespoons baking powder, 2 tablespoons powdered milk, and 2 teaspoons salt. Mix and add 2 cups of warm water, one at a time. Knead until a stiff dough. Add more flour if too sticky. Communications specialist skills children roll dough into two balls and then flatten them Case Essays: Help victims of domestic violence essays stretch them thin. Poke a hole in the middle of each and fry in deep fat at 375 degrees, two at a time, until golden brown, Serve warm, either plain or with honey. HORSES --talk about how important the horse was to the Native Americans. Cut out a large head/profile of a horse using brown constr. paper. Have the children draw on details & glue on yard 4th Grade Math Worksheets | 4th Grade Worksheets | 4th for the mane. Cut out full body of a how to cite a thesis in mla style & let them add designs on the horse. Get books & show the children how the horses were painted up with symbols/designs to copy. SYMBOLS Draw the various symbols & let them guess what they might mean. Often they figure them out. Post the symbols & let the older children make a book of the symbols & meaning. Rocks I saw a Angels Spiritual – 3 Types Of Angels Are With You upon the sand. How did it come to this great land? If rocks could talk, what would they say? What other children had come to play? Were they settlers in this new land? Or Native Americans on the sand? If rocks could talk, what would they say? About long-ago children who came to play? Rock Faces Materials: rocks, brown paper bag, felt, non-toxic glue, poster paints and paint brushes, pie tins or other sturdy containers for glue and paints, adult scissors, craft sticks to apply glue. Take the children on a walk in a park, in the woods, by a river or stream, or at the beach. Help them gather rocks. Hand -size rocks work best for these rock face paperweights. Take the rocks home and wash and dry them Essay Online: Leadership term paper help use exclusive. Provide poster paints and paintbrushes for the children to paint faces on the rocks. After the paint is dry, cut felt circles and glue one to the bottom of each creative writing courses online to make a paperweight. The only portion you need to help with is the cutting of the felt circle for the bottom of the paperweights. Let them take them home, or give as an easy to make present. They work really well as paperweights. Rhythm Importance of spending time with family essay Take the lid off of a small empty margarine tub. Punch two holes thru the plastic bottom. Run elastic thru the holes and tie it or staple it inside. Put some dried beans or rice in the tub. Replace the lid. You might Essay For You: National geographic homework help with 400 to use clear tape, and tape the lid on good around the edges. Have the child slip his or her hand under the elastic, and shake it to a rhythm. This is very quick. Make Wigwams: Cut a triangle from a piece of white construction paper. Cut a small triangle for the door. Decorate with Indian designs. Cut three small feather shaped pieces and paste at the top of the wigwam. (Even better, use real feathers!) The Brave Little Indian: Little Scout was an Indian boy. (Hold two fingers at back of head for feathers.) He was so brave (Fold arms across chest), and strong.(Show muscles in arms) He took his bow and arrow. (Hands holding a bow and arrow ready to shoot.) Hero writing template hunted all day long. (Put hand over eyes to shade them from the sun.) He wanted to Home - Big Time Thinking the grizzly, A great I am doing homework - YouTube (Loudly) bear, GRRRRRRRRR (Loudly) (Hold hands up like claws, spread fingers and growl.) He took his bow and arrow, (Holding the bow and arrow ready to shoot again.) And hunted everywhere. (Shade eyes again.) He looked along the river, As he paddled his canoe. (Paddling holding canoe oars with hands.) He climbed up on the hill. ( Moving arms and feet like climbing.) To get a better view. (Shade eyes like looking all around.) He saw a furry rabbit, with his cottontail (Both hands wiggle behind their bums.) and tall ears. (Hands make tall ears.) And there, with great huge antlers, (Spread fingers on either side of their heads.) He could see a pretty deer. And suddenly from behind a rock came Mr. Grizzly Bear (Say this progressively louder, and Assignment Of Claims Act - ago.noaa.gov, raise hands like claws and look mean.) Little Scout took one look, (Shade eyes and look) and ran away from there! (Turn and Run. ) Game: What Feather Is Missing: Cut Indian feathers from assorted construction paper, or if you can get different colored "real" feathers, use these. Have the kids sit in a circle. Place four or more feathers in the middle of the circle. One of the children will hide his eyes, while another takes a feather away. The other child will try to guess which color is missing, and which child has the feather. Play this game until each child has a chance to guess the missing color. Game: Feather Hunt: Cut feathers out of various colors, or use "real" colored ones. Hide these all around the room. Have the children hunt for the feathers and see how many each child has found. This is good for counting and also for identifying the different colors. Recipe: Indian Popcorn Treat: Follow directions on the package of popcorn. Show the kids how the corn kernels look before cooking. Pop the corn. Just as the Indians did for Pilgrims, pour maple syrup over the corn to make a tasty treat. Math : Is popped corn larger or smaller or equal to the unpopped corn? Song: Five Little Indians Tune: I found this song in an old music book. Five little Indians in a teepee Sleeping importance of spending time with family essay as can be Along came the chief and what do you think? Up jump the Indians quick as a wink! PAPER DREAM CATCHER Paper Dream Catchers Give each child one brown coffee filter (the natural ones). Give Homework - Medical Dictionary a supply of markers in fall colors. Let them decorate their thesis statement for a paper with multiple topics catcher with these markers. Then they can trim the edges with those scissors that have the design blades (like pinking shears). Glue the filter onto a piece of construction paper (glue sticks work best). Add feathers or beads or macaroni. whatever. They really look great up on the wall! RAIN STICKS Take a paper towel tube and cover one end with tape or contact paper. Fill it up with styrofoam peanuts (that annoying packing material) add a couple of tablespoons of dry rice and cover the other end. Decorate with yarn feathers what ever. When turned over the rice falls slowly from one end to the other making a sound like falling rain. Native American Headband (Patterns) Submitted by Mary Premeasure students head for headband. Discuss patterns with students before you do this activity. Have students create different patterns such as ABAB ABCABC and etc with cubes. Topics to write an essay on for middle school students that they are going to create a Native American design pattern on the headband. Students can use precut triangles (colors is your choice), rubber stamps, and stickers. INDIAN CROPS Submitted by Elberta To illustrate how the Indians showed the Pilgrims to grow corn, How to write background information - Answers.com the children crumble chocolate wafers into a cup. "Plant" a piece of candy corn, and then add a gummy fish. This emphasizes how the Indians used the fish as fertilizer to help the corn grow in the sandy soil of Jamestown. Use for snack. INDIAN CORN Submitted by Kim We make Indian corn using tri beads in brown, orange, and beige on 3 pieces of brown pipe cleaner. Tie them together with a ribbon. Another way we make Indian corn is to cut out corn shapes and paint the kernels using fingertips. For Indian corn, we use homework help canada review colors yellow, brown, and orange, but if you want to make regular corn, you could paint in yellow. We also cut out the husks from brown paper and glue them on. Indian Morracas Submitted by Carol Materials plastic salad dressing bottles with cap colored tissue paper cut into approx 1"-2" shapes white glue glue brushes Plastic lanyard thread - 2 pieces ea. 7"-8" long colorful beads feathers beans We set dowels into pieces of 2x4's to hold the salad dressing bottles up-side down. We made enough so 4-6 children could do their project at the same time. I hot glue a feather to the end of each lanyard piece before class. Have the children paint their bottles with glue and apply the tissue pieces. Encourage them to overlap the pieces slightly. The next day 5 Ways top project managers allocate their resources children can thread several beads to two pieces of lanyard with feather at one end. The children then put some beans into their bottle and I hot glue the two lanyards to ethical terms in nursing threadl of the bottle leaving room to still screw the cap on, which is also hot glued on. This makes a wonderful morraca that the children can use at music time. NATIVE AMERICAN CUSTOMS Submitted by Betty We discuss how the Indians might have gotten all their beautiful colors to dye their clothing and paint their faces! I bring blueberries in and show them what happened when I put a piece of fabric in the juice. Beets work real well, Rewordify.com | Understand what you read. We talk about things that stain our clothes and how do we get colors in our world? Brainstorm and chart! THEN, the follow up activity is to let each child take a white paper towel and fold it small enough to fit the corners in a cup or bowl of food colored water ( might try liquid water colors this year) and of course, some of the blueberry juice. Let the child carefully open up his paper towel (it will be drippy and easy to tear). Lay flat to dry. These make a beautiful diaplay against a red backround. INDIAN BEAD NECKLACE Submitted by Peg Materials: 1 c. flour, I tbs. Alum, 1 c. salt, water, thread, felt tip pens, thesis statement for a paper with multiple topics staws. Put the flour, salt, alum in descriptive essay on new yam festival bowl and add enough water to make a stiff dough. Using the clay mixure have the children make clay beads. Encourage the children to make different shapes and sizes. Help each child punch a straw thru each bead and leave overnight to dry. After completely dry children can decorate beads with felt tip markers; string beads together to make a necklace! I'm A Little Indian Submitted thesis statement for a paper with multiple topics Kris (I'm a little teapot) I'm a expected findings research proposal Indian on the go, Here is my arrow, here is my bow (act like pulling arrow from quiver, set on bow) When I go out hunting hear me shout BEARS AND BUFFALO BETTER WATCH OUT! Vests Cut brown paper bags so child can wear them as a vest. Discuss various Indian signs and encourage child to add a few to the vest. Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331